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Once you start building your website, you’ll need a web hosting service so that your website is available online. So, what’s the most likely scenario? It’s the following – searching for a web host online and going for a big name in the web hosting world. However, sometimes that might not be the right choice for your website. Despite the service they’ll offer you, you won’t get the extra attention because of the scope of websites that these giants host.

On, the other hand, going for a web host that hosts not such a vast number of websites, you will get the needed support you require. This is especially beneficial for beginners that are looking for a host for their first website. It’s just one of the advantages that Cloudstrada offers despite all the other perks that come in our web hosting packages. We always believe in quality rather than quantity.

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The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an actual server that is cut into virtual pieces through the virtualization technique. It represents reliability, scalability, security and flexibility.

Nevertheless, what does a VPS service actually mean?

All of our VPS users have access to the operating system, having the ability to install the software they’d like to the OS. While you are getting all the perks that come along with hosting on a dedicated server, the VPS is a way more affordable option.

Email envelope

Professional Email

You might be asking yourself: Why choose a professional email address with your domain name, when there are several free email alternatives?

Well, the answer is in the outcome and consequences that each one carries along. In fact, 75% of the customers claim that professional email addresses are key to building trust with a business. Sometimes you might be losing revenue because you’re using a free email address and customers or clients don’t feel secure to entitle you as a provider of their services.

WordPress Hosting

Whenever you’re building a website on WordPress, you have probably come across the term WordPress hosting.

Along with choosing a CMS to build your website, there comes picking a quality web hosting provider for WordPress.

Even though many new website owners think that the CMS is the only thing important for the look and success of a website, the quality of the web host adds up to the essence and quality of the site.


Frequently asked questions

We offer an economical option for you to get your website hosted along with other Malta websites. Choosing a shared web hosting service means that you’ll share the physical server with another website or several other websites. The shared web hosting option is ideal for beginners and websites that don’t have high traffic.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service that we at Cloudstrada offer to websites looking for a web host in Malta. VPS basically works by dividing the resources of the physical server to many different virtual servers. Therefore, the virtual servers aren’t directly reflecting the hardware. VPS is an ideal option for websites that would like to get an independent, cost-effective web hosting service, to host the high-traffic on their website.

There is so much to a name. Sometimes the whole success of a website is tied to the name. That’s why investing in the right domain name is worthwhile. Since we are aware that your website is worth as much as your name, you can pick your domain name as a part of our web hosting service.

Cloudstrada also offers the opportunity for using your bandwidth and space on the hard drive to host third party websites. You can either choose to rent a dedicated server to customers or resell shared hosting services. If you have a business in web design or development this is the perfect option to get extra profit while providing web hosting services to your customers and clients.

Investing in a private email hosting is going to help you build your brand and set a professional note from the very start. At Cloudstrada, you’ll get an affordable, fast and secure email system that will satisfy your business and personal needs. Once you choose a plan, you can use all the intuitive features and office tools that come with the private email hosting. In addition, managing your contacts, email, calendar, and your overall business has never been easier!

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