3 Good Reasons to Choose a monthly web hosting plan

monthly web hosting

3 Good Reasons to Choose a Monthly Web Hosting Plan

Are you just about to choose a web hosting company for your website? If you need to pick a web hosting provider fast, then you’re probably facing the hard dilemma – a monthly or yearly hosting plan? 

Both monthly and annual plans have advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, it’s about choosing the option that’ll best suit your needs and expectations. 

Some web hosting companies offer you the chance to subscribe for a monthly web hosting plan and easily change to a yearly plan if you like the services they offer you. However, there are several questions that may arise once you start thinking about the type of web hosting that will be right for you. For instance, 

  • What’s the difference between monthly and yearly web hosting?

  • Is monthly web hosting better than a yearly plan?

  • What are the perks that you’ll be getting with each?

In this article, we’ll answer all of the above-mentioned and more. By the time we’re done, you’ll have no trouble picking out the right web hosting plan for your business.

What’s the Difference Between a Monthly and Yearly Web Hosting Plan?

The web hosting options that every hosting provider offers you are different, and there are also differences in the monthly and yearly web hosting plans they offer. However, there are some universal differences that apply to all monthly and yearly web hosting providers and we’ve provided an overview of them below.

Monthly Web Hosting Plans Can Get You Started

For example, Cloudstrada offers you monthly plans that are adjusted to your budget and needs. There are several types of monthly plans that you can choose from according to whether you’re a beginner or an enterprise.

Monthly web hosting plans are generally a good idea if you’re on a tight budget and you can’t pay the total amount of yearly web hosting plan upfront. When you calculate the total cost of the whole year, a monthly plan will cost you a lot more on a yearly level when compared to an annual plan. However, it’s ideal if you don’t have the resources at the very start.

Yearly Web Hosting Plans Will Offer You a Discount!

Annual web hosting plans often have a discount. If you decide to sign an annual contract with a web hosting provider for three to four years they’ll give you a discount for choosing them. Web hosting discounts are also offered on special days such as Black Friday when companies offer additional discounts that can go up to 70%

So, if you aren’t in a rush, you can wait for this type of special offer on special days. 

Annual Plans Offer You a Trial Period

If you choose a monthly web hosting plan, what you see is what you get. However, with an annual hosting plan, you get the chance for a trial period of one or two months when you can test out the provider’s services and see if they are the right web hosting company for you. This way if you don’t like what they offer, you’ll get your money back.

Both Monthly and Yearly Web Hosting Plans Have a Setup Fee

You have to be aware that you’ll have to pay for the setup fee, regardless of whether you opt for a monthly or a yearly plan – so no differences there. If you’re thinking about changing providers, you’ll have to pay this setup fee everywhere, which isn’t a good idea. The setup fee is usually paid at the beginning of the month, so note that the bill for the first month on your web hosting plan will be higher. 

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Monthly Web Hosting Plan

In some cases choosing a monthly web hosting plan is a better option than a yearly one. Other times it’s quite the opposite, because annual web hosting plans may be the right opportunity for your business. So, here’s why you should choose monthly web hosting instead of yearly web hosting services.

Monthly Web Hosting Plans Are Great If You Are Starting Your Own Blog

If you are starting your own blog, you’re probably on a tight budget. A monthly web hosting plan is an affordable option to get to some quality features. This will leave a lot of space for you to invest your money in other ventures as first, instead of putting it all into a quality web hosting provider. The web host you choose won’t have to be a cheap and unreliable one, but with a monthly web hosting plan, you can get both value and a good price.

With a Monthly Web Hosting Plan You Can Easily Switch Between Web Hosting Providers

If you’re having doubts about which web hosting provider you should choose, you should probably get a monthly web hosting plan. 

Monthly web hosting plans offer you more opportunities to change to another web hosting provider whenever you want because you won’t have to wait until the end of the year to change it. The renewal in monthly web hosting plans is done every month, so if you don’t like the services that the provider offers, you can simply choose not to renew it.

Monthly Web Hosting Plans Offer You Web Hosting Without Having to Sign any Contracts or Agreements

Monthly web hosting plans offer you an amazing opportunity not to sign any contracts and agreements. This means that you have no obligations with this web hosting provider, except for paying the bill at the end of the month. And of course, if you want to quit using their services you won’t have to wait until the agreement expires, which is the case with annual web hosting companies.


In summary, there are two types of web hosting options you can choose from: a monthly or a yearly web hosting plan. They both have some perks and disadvantages and in the end, it’s all about picking out the plan that satisfies your needs more. While monthly web hosting plans can offer you the option to switch between providers easily, yearly hosting plans will offer you some great discounts. So, it’s up to you to choose what suits you better!