Top 10 useful websites in Malta

Each website has its own daily visitors in which each webpage automatically gains its popularity on the internet according to many factors, such as category and content type. In Malta, the top 10 most ranking websites fall under different categories. These categories include subject matters such as news and media, social networks, arts and entertainment, amongst others.

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The 10 top-ranking websites in Malta have seen an explosive growth in traffic numbers as a big part of the world begins to live more of their life online. For a single website to even claim the 10th spot in the ranking, it would need a maximum of 350 million visits in one month. Moreover, analysing data extracted from SimilarWeb, a list featuring the top 10 websites in Malta is displayed in the table below in which Google, Facebook and YouTube took the highest rank:

1google.comComputers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines  =
2facebook.comComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Networks and Online Communities  =
3youtube.comArts and Entertainment > TV Movies and Streaming  =
4timesofmalta.comNews and Media=
5instagram.comComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Networks and Online Communities  =
6twitter.comComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Networks and Online Communities  +3
7netflix.comArts and Entertainment > TV Movies and Streaming  = Law and Government > Government-2
9xnxx.comAdult-1 and Media+1

This visual representation of the 10 most visited websites in Malta was recently formulated in August 2020 and it not only outlines the categories, but also reports the changes in ranking from the previous month. For instance, the social networking website Twitter recorded a triple increase in ranking. It can also be noted that most of the websites that reported no change pertain to either the arts and entertainment category or to the computers, electronics and technology category.

Google, the most rated website worldwide, can be also be known as the most acknowledged, unquestioned website. However, this does not apply to China and Russia for the reason that there are certain exceptions to Google’s popularity in these countries. These exceptions contribute to the fact that local search engines, Baidu and Yandex, have controlled and regulated the domestic market. Hence, search engines play a massive role in website traffic were they successfully aid in order to unite every part that connects the internet together.

Netflix and YouTube are also included in the top 10 list of websites in Malta as a result of the global video streaming and sharing which continuously contributes to internet traffic. Furthermore, with the introduction of high-powered mobile phones and bigger data bundles, video has become an important and vital mechanism which contributes to internet consumption. Certainly, video can take different sorts, from repeatedly watching TV shows on Netflix to short-form video uploads on social networking platforms like Instagram.


SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a reconstructing method for enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website from search engines. In Malta, SEO involves an understanding of the SEO landscape, specifically an insight about how the website needs to be optimized for what is known as local search engine optimization. Moreover, when a website requires optimization, a lot of problems tend to accumulate and these problems might be what’s holding back the website from achieving a higher rank. Nonetheless, a strategy needs to be put in place, even if it is short-term, like ranking for all of the useful keywords. Other methods which can help in website traffic can also be taken into consideration, for instance; using paid ads, PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Due to this thorough analysis of the 10 top websites in Malta, we have observed how people search for information, which services they make use of and how they spend time and explore the internet. In addition, getting a website to rank requires a long-term strategy in the hope that multiple aspects can be taken into account for a webpage to increase its ranking.

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