Why Should You Choose a Dedicated Hosting Service?

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Are you thinking about joining the 1.5 billion websites online? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have to know everything about web hosting before you serve your site to the global audience.

Once you launch your website and decide to have your online business started, you should pick out a web hosting provider, so your site is available online. Many new website owners decide to use a shared hosting service, because it’s a cheaper option for hosting their website. 


However, this means that they would have to share the space on the server with other websites as well. So, in the end, the features that website owners get when choosing a shared hosting service are going to be divided with others, so they won’t enjoy any of the unlimited resources. Even though shared web hosting is an amazing option to launch your online business on a budget, it can sometimes lack the potential to satisfy the users’ needs. 


At Cloudstrada, we offer both shared web hosting services and dedicated web hosting services in Malta. However, let’s go on and have a word or two about dedicated web hosting services for Malta companies that need that extra features we can offer them. So, here’s all that you should know when it comes to choosing a dedicated hosting service. 

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What Is a Dedicated Hosting Service?

Dedicated hosting is when the client uses the whole server without sharing it with other websites. This way the client which uses the server has more control over the type of server they’ll choose, including the software and hardware. This type of service is also called managed hosting, because you can manage the resources available on the server and have the right to exclusively use them as you’d like. 


If you choose a dedicated hosting service, you won’t only get all the space of the server, but you’ll also enjoy some amazing features. The price is truly higher, but you’ll get a lot in return. In addition, we’ll present all the features that come with a dedicated hosting service, and why it would be better to choose a dedicated hosting compared to shared hosting.

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting Service

We share with you the top 5 reasons why dedicated hosting service should be the primary choice for your website. Here’s what you’ll get by choosing a dedicated hosting.

More Uptime

The dedicated hosting service owns the SLA and as well as the resolution of the hardware failures. Dedicated hosting providers, such as Cloudstrada, have 24/7 tech support that will ensure that all of your website issues are going to be handled as fast as possible. 


This means that your website will have more uptime than downtime, which means savings for your business, an addition to your profit, and not to mention the happy visitors who won’t be frustrated by the downtime of your site. And we all know that the percentage of uptime you have is closely connected with the quality and web performance of your site.

Enhanced Security

Choosing a dedicated hosting service will guarantee your safety because you aren’t sharing the space with any website. So, you’ll be sure that malicious sites or spammers won’t be a part of your server. Also enhanced security options are available with dedicated hosting services, such as SSL certificates and FTP that are essential for websites that are part of the e-commerce business.

Reliable Bandwidth

With a dedicated web hosting service, your bandwidth will be guaranteed. Therefore, the connection that you have leased will be available at all times because you aren’t sharing it with others on the same server. This means that your apps will experience more uptime and they’ll be running all the time.

Unique IP Address

Each server has an IP address that is unique for it. This means that if you’re sharing the server with other websites, you’re sharing the IP address of the server as well. So, whenever there is a spammy website on the server, it will automatically bring your site poor rankings because of the shared IP. 


This is the reason why choosing a dedicated hosting provider will guarantee you better SEO results as well. Having a unique IP address is a must for e-commerce sites not for obtaining good SEO results, but also for safety reasons. This means that if your site requires processing of credit cards, you should make sure that it has an SSL certificate and a unique IP address. 

Reliable Processing

If you choose a dedicated hosting service, then the power of the CPU shouldn’t concern you. You’ll, in fact, get the exact processing power that you have chosen for your apps. In case you use a shared hosting service, then the processing power is automatically distributed between the websites that are using the server and slowing down your applications. 


To most people, sharing the cost that comes with the hosting of their site with other websites may seem like the best option. However, the cheapest option is less likely to be the best, because you might overpay for it later. That’s the reason why sometimes it’s better to make an investment at the very start, than regret it later. 

This is why we decided to share all the benefits of choosing a dedicated hosting service, what features it’ll provide you with and why this is a better option compared to shared hosting services. In the end, the choice is up to you. We wish you a lot of success in launching your site!