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  • Virtual Private Server

    The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an actual server that is cut into virtual pieces through the virtualization technique. It represents reliability, scalability, security and flexibility.
    The Virtual Private Server (VPS)
    Nevertheless, what does a VPS service actually mean?
    All of our VPS users have access to the operating system, having the ability to install the software they’d like to the OS. While you are getting all the perks that come along with hosting on a dedicated server, the VPS is a way more affordable option.

    When it comes to scalability, VPS enables you continual growth because issues such as a lack of memory, storage or CPU don’t exist. You only pay as much as you use. Also, if you think that you need more, VPS is a flexible option because the upgrade can happen within seconds with a few clicks online, instead of getting an engineer to replace the hardware for you.

    Our Virtual Private Server Web Hosting guarantees you fast migration and live back up, that will result in more uptime and better metrics in general.

    Also, we care about our customers and we provide security above all. This actually refers to providing a coping mechanism and also recovery options for data breaches or even software clashes. As a result, your data will be safe when hosted on our VPS web hosting.
    What Does VPS Come With?
    Dedicated Environment Dedicated Environment By being a VPS user, you get to manage all of your projects in a server environment. For our VPS users, the server environment is scaled to meet your needs and requirements. Get your admin access to our virtual server and feel free to use the hardware resources to host your websites and applications, or resell it to a third party.
    Independence and Simplicity Independence and Simplicity There are no hardware constraints if you choose our VPS web hosting service. This refers to upgrading components, technical faults, or any worries that you may have with a regular web hosting option. Now you can get full control over the virtual server and web hosting control panels as well.
    Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic The traffic for our VPS users is unlimited, and a bandwidth of 1 Gbits per second. No matter what type of package you choose, whether it’s micro or enterprise you’ll get 1 Gbits per second bandwidth. This makes the VPS at Cloudstrada a perfect option for any type of business that wants to offer a flawless service and a pleasant browsing user experience, while having an affordable service.
    Backup Options Backup Options All your data will be safely stored at an external backup space with the VPS backup options that we offer. Now you don’t have to worry about losing any data because it can be easily backed up anytime.
    Availability Constant and stable service are the key elements that make Cloustrada available to our users. We’ll host your applications in both production and pre-production environments. Our VPS solutions are based on minimal latency and SLA guaranteed hardware availability.

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    We’re got the perfect hosting plan for your next server, site, app, platform, or blog - all
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    € 30.00

    CPU 1Gb  Ram 10Gb  Storage 1000Gb  Bandwidth Migration  free Free  SSL Certificate
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    € 75.00

    CPU 2Gb  Ram 20Gb  Storage 1000Gb  Bandwidth Migration  free Free  SSL Certificate
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    € 150.00

    CPU 8Gb  Ram 60Gb  Storage 1000Gb  Bandwidth Migration  free Free  SSL Certificate
    Power User
    Starting from

    € 220.00

    CPU 16Gb  Ram 120Gb  Storage 1000Gb  Bandwidth Migration  free Free  SSL Certificate
    Starting from

    € 300.00

    16  CPU 32Gb  Ram 300Gb  Storage 1000Gb  Bandwidth Migration  free Free  SSL Certificate