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4 Reasons Why to Hire Freelancers Through

If you ever got stuck searching for good quality graphic designers, developers or content writers on a freelance basis for your projects at a price you love. Then it’s time to have a look at Spotlancer.
Spotlancer is the perfect spot for you to find quality freelancers ready to work with you on your project. However, by no means is Spotlancer your typical freelancer marketplace. It offers buyers and freelancers so much more than typical freelance marketplace services.
If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using Spotlancer to recruit quality freelancers for your one time or ongoing projects, check out some of the points below which make Spotlancer stand out from other freelancing websites.


How Does Spotlancer Differ from all of the Other Digital Freelance Marketplaces?
Spotlancer is a fresh new and innovative platform, a digital addition to the freelancing world. In fact, the idea behind Spotlancer is that it offers a unified approach, especially by putting focus on the needs of the buyers. Here are some of the principles that make Spotlancer different:

Special Selection Process of Candidates.
All of the freelancers that are offering their services on the Spotlancer platform are hand-picked by Spotlancer’s qualified staff. Putting quality first means that not every freelancer submitting a service will be accepted. Only after providing a detailed description together with quality assets which reflect the output of the service will the freelancer be screened and approved. A how to submit and sell a service guide is also available on Spotlancer’s website,

Quality Over Quantity.
When it comes to picking out the right freelancers that are available on Spotlancer’s website, quality always prevails. Spotlancer is not like any other saturated freelance websites. Space is limited for freelance digital service in order to build trust and long lasting relationships between buyers and freelancers.

Transparency From the Very Start.
On top of Spotlancer’s quality list, there is honesty and transparency. All details about what you are buying as a service are listed upfront. So that there are no surprises. This includes what type of files you will be getting, the quality you are expecting to get, changes included in the order and of course the price you need to pay. A custom job proposal can also be initiated in case you need specific projects.
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Payment Safety
To enhance payment safety, just so there are no irregularities, the payment policy protects both the employer and the freelancer. Spotlancer holds the payment until the job is finished and it will be released to the freelancer only once the scope of the job has been reached or when the buyer approves the job. This way neither the employer nor the freelancer can be scammed. Spotlancer also offers a dispute functionality which can be initiated by either the buyer or the freelancer in extreme cases when there is a disagreement. This keeps enhancing our pledge to a safe and fair platform. The payment method will be secure.

Final Thoughts Spotlancer is a safe and secure way for you and your business to get the right freelancers for your projects at a price you’ll love. The idea of building a community of trusted hand-picked freelancers and buyers is the foundation on what Spotlancer was built on. So, if you are thinking about opening an
online business or creating an ecommerce website, why don’t you check out experts offering their freelance service through Spotlancer?